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Founded by Roz Dimon, this group of eight new media artists held their first forum in 1991 to discuss the aesthetic, social and political implications of computer use, and ways to express personal identity in our information age.  Each member continues to develop his or her own solutions, but all involve themselves in dialectics with the computer and with the world.  Beginning with imagery, texts and materials in various forms, or just the blank screen, and ending with equally diverse output, their work engages all aspects of the digital environment.
PICTURE-ELEMENT is a group of artists using the computer as a fine art tool, creating art in the digital environment.

Diverse in imagery, content and process, PICTURE-ELEMENT members have emerged into digital art from fine art backgrounds. These artists have in common a desire to show the signature of the medium in their art.   Their imagery shows traces of the pixel and the processes of digital manipulation. These artists make work in which the image is primary. Yet their imagery is also a product of the technology used in its creation. Content, aesthetics and process have been transformed by their individual encounters with the computer and their work reflects this dialogue.

PICTURE-ELEMENT is committed to forging a link between artists using computers and the mainstream art community. It meets monthly to enable  artists to discuss their work, aesthetics and process, as well as to define and advance the process of making art in the digital environment. An additional concern is to  educate the art community and the public about digital art through exhibitions, publications, lectures and panels.

PICTURE-ELEMENT is a group of artists in co-evolution with technology. Their work engages issues raised by changes in technology and process: the changing nature  of the ‘original’ work of art in a digitally cloned environment; problems of archival quality and ‘permanence’; questions of tools and process; and the ways in which working with technology shapes the artist.
For more information, email: ROZ@DIMONSCAPES.COM